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About Conestoga Works

Conestoga Works LLC was formed in 2014 by Charles Waggoner, a 28-year US Air Force veteran whose interest in woodworking can be traced back to his junior high school days. Throughout his military career, he was constantly involved in some sort of woodworking project, everything from building toys and furniture to remodeling various homes. Retirement gave him the opportunity to construct his dream shop where he continues to devote an enormous amount of time to various projects. Over the past several years his passion has turned towards making tools and equipment for the woodworking hobbyist. The popularity of these items led to the creation of Conestoga Works LLC as a small manufacturer of the various items offered on this site. Each item is personally crafted by Charles and his granddaughter, Audra, in Edmond Oklahoma using premium quality materials. Each item is backed by a full guarantee of quality material and craftsmanship.

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