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Local wood can often be a treasure-trove for the woodworker or woodturner but oftentimes it is rejected because it isn’t capable of being worked because it’s too soft, punky or spalted. The Conestoga Works vacuum chamber will allow the woodworker to condition the normally unacceptable wood in a simple and safe manner to produce a high quality material that has outstanding machining properties.  The process of using vacuum to infuse a heat cured plastic resin into the wood allows it to retain details normally only available in very dense exotic hardwoods that are very expensive and becoming difficult to find.  By using local woods normally destined for the burn pile we are also fostering good ecological practices.

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Features and benefits:

  • Cylinder material is American made, laboratory grade, clear Polyvinyl Cloride (PVC).
  • Top and bottom plates are CNC machined from 3/4 inch, Type I PVC sheet.
  • Four sizes available; 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch diameters by 24 inch tall.
  • All materials are impervious to Cactus Juice or other brands stabilizing resins.
  • Top seal is custom cast for a perfect vacuum seal of the entire cylinder surface.
  • Full port, brass ball valve with sintered bronze filter to control vacuum level.
  • High quality fittings including a 2-1/2” vacuum gauge
  • 6 foot Nylon reinforced vinyl hose with Milton M Style quick connect coupling.
  • Custom designed metal stock carrier holds the wood material throughout the treatment process.
  • Stock carrier securely keeps the wood submerged in the stabilizing liquid.
  • Fully warranted against defects including leaks, structural or component failures for one year.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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6 inch diameter by 24 inch tall chamber, 8 inch diameter by 24 inch tall chamber, 10 inch diameter by 24 inch tall chamber, 12 inch diameter by 24 inch tall chamber

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