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The Conestoga Works Air Saver Vacuum Pump is an all-pneumatic system designed to minimize compressed air usage in vacuum chamber and vacuum kiln evacuation applications. The Air Saver Circuit will maintain a steady vacuum force, while saving compressed air. This complete system requires only a compressed air source to be fully functional. The system includes a venturi vacuum pump, vacuum check valve, air piloted air valve and pneumatic vacuum switch. The pneumatic vacuum switch is the brain of the system that constantly monitors the vacuum level. The vacuum switch is adjustable from 0 to 28”Hg and is set using the adjustment knob. The hysteresis is set at approximately 3”Hg. Simply set the switch to the desired vacuum level and should there be a leak in the system and the vacuum level drops from the set level by approximately 3”Hg, the Air Saver Circuit automatically re-energizes the venturi to bring the system back to the preset vacuum level and then de-energizes the venturi. The vacuum check valve seals the system. Although compressed air savings will vary by the application and system design, typically the Conestoga Works Air Saver Vacuum Pump will achieve a 90% energy cost savings. When operating with a Conestoga Works Vacuum Chamber or Vacuum Kiln and once the pump reaches the operating vacuum level, it will normally cycle on for approximately 2% of the total operating time making it extremely efficient for long term vacuum use.
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