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A state of the art high voltage wood burner designed with user safety as a paramount feature.
A device with two wires and a power supply.
“This Lichtenberg unit is impressive from start to finish. It’s well built and well designed, and it does a heck of a job creating beautiful dendritic figures on wood. I’ve always liked the look of Lichtenberg figures, but I’ve been intimidated by the process of building a unit from scratch. With the device Charles has created, I don’t have to worry about making a mistake in the design or construction. From the physical style of the unit to the clarity of the instructions, every detail has been well thought out and perfectly executed. The probes are comfortable to hold and the foot pedal allows me to focus all of my attention on the task at hand. For anyone interested in creating this type of wood art, I recommend the Lichtenberg unit from Conestoga Works without hesitation.”

Dr. David Keller


“Lichtenberg figures” are branching tree-like patterns that are created by the passage of high voltage discharge along the surface, or through, electrically insulating materials (dielectrics). The first Lichtenberg figures were actually 2-dimensional “dust figures” that formed when dust in the air settled on the surface of electrically-charged plates of resin in the laboratory of their discoverer, German physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799). Lichtenberg figures are not true fractal patterns. A fractal pattern is a mathematical construction so designed that it looks the same at any scale. Because Lichtenberg figures and fractal patterns both have similar appearances such as lightning or trees, the term “Lichtenberg Fractal Patterns” has commonly but mistakenly been used to describe these figures.
A phenolic probes tester with white background
A vase made out of wood with a pattern on it.
A bowl made of wood with cracks in it.
A wooden vase with a tree on it.
A wooden block with an image of a tree.
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